Metaverse Light Wallet — 0.1.1 Beta decay is live

tX9t3aE - Metaverse Light Wallet --- 0.1.1 Beta decay is live

The Metaverse Light Wallet 0.01 alpha centauri version has been live for two weeks and has garnered positive responses since its launch. During this period of time, the team noted the importance of the deposit function, which was strongly called for by users. Therefore, we have added this feature into the beta decay version of the light wallet.

From now on, you can access this feature on the light wallet. To try it out, please visit the light wallet at:

Please note that you may have to wait for several seconds for a deposit transaction to be recorded in a block after you have completed a deposit operation.

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November Roundup

November has passed in a flash, and Christmas is now almost upon us. It has been a bumpy ride for the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain community, due in no small part to the uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin and 2X. Regardless, the Metaverse team has continued to invest a good amount of time overseas this month interacting with other firms in the fintech and blockchain space and has gained invaluable insights along the way. We are extremely encouraged by the raw vitality of the industry, and it spurs us to forge ahead.

This month, research and development efforts for the Metaverse blockchain have been focused on digital identity implementation. A number of complex hurdles have to be considered, including the question of interoperability, zero-knowledge proofs and user-friendliness. We are making progress on these fronts and should be able to release more details soon.

Metaverse has also been active in the community at some of Shanghai’s most well-recognized universities, participating in their annual job fairs as well as events organized by Fudan University’s Blockchain Association. Again, it’s heartening to see so many students challenging themselves and engaging with new technologies. Lastly, the team is aware of community feedback and is continuously working to liaise with exchanges. The negotiation process may be long and winding, but we are confident that we will have good news to share. Thank you all for your support – in the words of John Heywood, nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Till next month,
The Metaverse Team

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Progress Report – (13th Nov. 2017 – 24th Nov. 2017)


Metaverse is a public blockchain project that aims to provide decentralized services based on digital assets, digital identity and value intermediaries in order to build an open ecosystem in which digital value can be freely circulated. Detailed information can be found in our white paper

Fortnight in Review


  • Light Wallet Development Progress

Metaverse has officially released a light wallet beta at The wallet is an SPV client and is accessible through your browser. Unlike the full node wallet, the Light Wallet does not require users to sync the entire blocks and has a simple user interface that allows users to easily manage their digital assets while on-the-go.

  • Metaverse full-node wallet

Enhancement of MVSD, Metaverse’s full-node wallet, continues. The following changes have been developed:

  • Added an offline transaction signing function. This function is unavailable through the MVSD GUI; it is only available for createrawtx/signrawtx/decoderawtx/sendrawtx RPC calls.
  • Accounts are no longer created when users input incorrect mnemonic words
  • Fixed issues with deposit unfreezing estimate date.

  • Optimized performance of the getnewaddress RPC call. Irrelevant to the MVSD GUI.

  • Add locked_height_range fields during transaction output of RPC calls to recognize the stored transaction

  • Metaverse Official Website Redesign

Metaverse has redesigned its official website. Two pages have been added: Metaverse Foundation and Development Documents. Please visit the official website at:;
all related development documents can be found at:

Community Events

  • Soliciting Articles

We’ve seen many videos and in-depth analyses about Metaverse and we believe that many more interesting perspectives have yet to be shared. As such, Metaverse has launched a long-running community event that will reward content creators – find the details:

Metaverse Foundation

• The Metaverse Foundation has invested in Maverick Chain, a project which aims to simplify blockchain-based development and trading.

• Eric, the founder of Metaverse Foundation, was invited to attend the DVN CEO summit hosted by the Draper Venture Network (DVN) from November 15–17,2017.

• The Foundation has also established a bounty program. There are two types of bounties available: one is a developer bounty, while the other rewards community contributors. Read more about it here actively!

Other information

• Head of Global Development, Janice Shi, recently participated in a panel discussion at the renowned Fudan University with other Fintech and Blockchain experts. Find more details here

• Metaverse attended the 8th Caixin Summit, a prestigious conference that brings together entrepreneurs and elites from both traditional financial institutions and emerging internet enterprises. Find more details here

• Metaverse will be holding its very first meetup in Korea on 1 December, 2017! If you are in town and would like to join us, visit the official Korean community’s Discord channel and sign up there

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K18uqy8 - Progress Report  – (13th Nov. 2017 – 24th  Nov. 2017)







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The Metaverse Light Wallet Beta is live!

The Metaverse Light Wallet Beta is officially live as of today. This wallet provides a simpler and more convenient way to receive and manage one’s assets on the Metaverse Blockchain.

T7BJuIB - The Metaverse Light Wallet Beta is live!

The Light Wallet has five key features:

  • Provides safe, convenient, simple and stable wallet services.
  • Doesn’t require installation of a client — the wallet is accessible through the website.

  • Doesn’t require the wallet to download the entire blockchain to send and receive assets.

  • Supports import of private keys.

  • Customizable user interface.

The release of the Light Wallet provides investors with a much more convenient method of sending and receiving assets. Users who have not previously registered a Metaverse Wallet account may use the Light Wallet to register a new account, while users who already have an existing full-node Metaverse Wallet account can log into the Light Wallet using their account mnemonic.

lxXGOZC - The Metaverse Light Wallet Beta is live!

The Light Wallet’s code is completely open source. In subsequent versions, to better cater to our users’ needs, the Metaverse Light Wallet will gradually provide more functions and language options as well as release an app.

Try Metaverse light wallet at:

The Metaverse Light Wallet was released for beta testing on 9 November, 2017. We would like to extend our thanks to the following users, who enthusiastically participated in the testing phase and provided invaluable feedback:

Blauni, Claudia, Deano,感悟人生,Elaine, Gordon, itachi, Johnwaltonvi, Jonathanlimwj, King Ramaldo , Mixterz, nedievas, pnbamania, Satya, Spencer, Stevey, Verma,小杨

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Letter to Metaverse Wallet Users

Dear Metaverse Wallet Users:

These two days, a wallet user came to us for help regarding an error faced when importing the mnemonic. The Metaverse team tried our best to help to look into the issue and it turned out the user wrote down the wrong mnemonic words at the beginning. This is really heartbreaking and regretful. We do really hope this kind of case would not happen again.

Therefore, we strongly appeal that all users back up your 24 mnemonic words correctly and safely!!! Please do bear in mind that once your mnemonic words have been lost or are wrong, your assets will remain in the wallet that you have lost access to and are essentially irretrievable.

Yours Sincerely,
Metaverse Team

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Metaverse Foundation Bounty Program

yIT6NXn - Metaverse Foundation Bounty Program

In accordance with the mission of the Metaverse Foundation, a portion of the ETP held by the foundation will be used to incentivize developers and marketing personnel who contribute to the development of the Metaverse community. Based on Metaverse’s development needs, core members of the Metaverse Foundation have designed a bounty program for developers and community contributors.

Developer Bounty (long-term):

Submit an MIP and have it accepted. (For details about the submission process, please refer to relevant information on Github:

Actively participate in discussions about existing MIPs proposed by Metaverse’s core developers and provide proof of concepts, specific implementation plans or code during the development process.

Find a bug as well as an effective solution. Guidelines are as follows:

A. Provide a clear description of the bug and its properties, including the type of bug and how to reproduce it.

B. Provide a complete set of steps to reproduce the bug, including test code and test description.

C. Provide high-quality fixes for the bug, including the code and a clear description of the method

Community Contributor Bounty (tentative):

  1. Contributors must have sufficient knowledge about the Metaverse project, be able to help manage Metaverse communities on various social platforms and answer questions asked by users in a timely and accurate manner.
  2. Help Metaverse expand communities in non-English speaking countries and actively participate in their management.
  3. Translate official information provided by Metaverse to less common languages and disseminate it to non-English native speakers/non-Chinese users to make it easier for them to use Metaverse’s products.
  4. Create high-quality content according to official information provided by Metaverse, including but not limited to videos and articles, and attract relatively large amounts of traffic.

For details about how to contribute content to Metaverse, please refer to:

Bounty sizes:

The Foundation rewards participants based on the priority of the need and an assessment of the quality of the work. 1 point currently corresponds to 1 USD (payable in ETP), and the ETP/USD exchange rate used will be the 5-day average rate on Coinmarketcap on the day the reward is given.

Level 1: Provide an idea that helps the project to an extent.

Reward 1-20 points

Level 2: Provide important opinions and plans regarding existing problems and make an attempt to implement a solution.

Reward 21-200 points

Level 3: Assist in the resolution of problems and do everything in one’s power to provide help and resources.

Reward 201-500 points

Level 4: Propose innovative ideas about plans or solutions to a problem that speed up its resolution, contributing to community development.

Reward 501-1000 points

Level 5: Play a leading role in the resolution of specific problems, maintaining the environment and smooth operation of the community.

Reward 1001-1500 points

Level 6: Make significant contributions to community development and play a decisive role in key issues.

Reward 1501-6000 points


  1. The Foundation will not award contributors if the bug or operational issue is known to the Metaverse team and has been addressed.
  2. Users who submit problems without providing a concrete plan that can be implemented will not be rewarded.
  3. In principle, we only reward the first person to propose a particular development or community operations solution. However, we will also consider rewarding users who propose better solutions or supplement the earlier proposal.
  4. Bounties will be payable in ETP. The specific bounty amount will be decided according to Metaverse’s development and the price of ETP. The Foundation reserves the right to adjust the reward plan and bounty amount at any time.
  5. All relevant activities of users who apply for bounties are bound by the law (including but not limited to the laws of the host country and relevant international treaties) throughout the course of participation. The Metaverse Foundation is not responsible for all legal risks arising in the course of the activity. Bounties will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Metaverse Foundation.
  6. The Foundation reserves the right not to reward contributors with good intentions whose actions resulted in negative outcomes.

Bounty query:

The reason, quantity and address for reward will be disclosed on the Metaverse Foundation’s official website. Users can query these transactions through the block explorer.

Foundation Address:


Explorer transaction query:!/adr/MSCHL3unfVqzsZbRVCJ3yVp7RgAmXiuGN3

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Progress Report – ( 30.Oct. — 10 November, 2017)


Metaverse is a public blockchain project that aims to provide decentralized services based on digital assets, digital identity and value intermediaries in order to build an open ecosystem in which digital value can be freely circulated. Detailed information can be found in our white paper, which is actively being revised.

Fortnight in Review

Trading Platform

We are excited to announce that Metaverse is now trading on HitBTC and

YXCwiKq - Progress Report  – ( 30.Oct. — 10 November, 2017)0L81uq9 - Progress Report  – ( 30.Oct. — 10 November, 2017)

HitBTC is a global cryptocurrency trading platform based in Europe and has been in operation since 2013. It is one of the largest platforms by trading volume, features real-time clearing and advanced order matching algorithms, and has been acclaimed for its fault-tolerance, uptime and high availability.

CEX uses 100% margins and separate hot and cold wallets to ensure the safety of users’ capital. In addition, CEX uses SSL and dynamic authentication to ensure transaction security.

OpenLedger has re-enabled ETP deposits and withdrawals, please refer to the announcement from OpenLedger.


• Light Wallet Development Progress

Metaverse has released an open beta for an upcoming light wallet. Light wallets make it easier for users to transact and check their balances. Interested candidates started the testing on 9 Nov 2017.

• Explorer Development Progress

Fixed bug which caused discrepancies between the nonce values displayed by the Metaverse explorer and the wallet for some blocks.

• Metaverse Wallet (MVSD)

  • Add “broadcast transaction command”, which enables the web wallet to broadcast transactions on the network.
  • “Offline signing” feature is under development

We have created a regularly updated list of FAQs for the Metaverse wallet. You can find it on [Reddit]


Metaverse has established a partnership with Aion focusing on cross-chain digital assets and Oracles. Aion is a multi-tier blockchain system designed to address the issues of scalability, privacy and interoperability in blockchain networks.

Community Events

• Soliciting Articles

We’ve seen many videos and in-depth analyses about Metaverse and we believe that many more interesting perspectives have yet to be shared. As such, Metaverse has launched a long-running community event that will reward content creators – find the details [here!]

Other information

• CEO Eric Gu recently gave an interview in Dubai. Find the full video [here]

• Metaverse has released an official reply in response to recent queries about ZenAir and the amount of ETP in circulation. Please find it at:

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