Progress Report – (11 Dec – 22 Dec 2017)


Metaverse is a public blockchain project that aims to provide decentralized services based on digital assets, digital identity and value intermediaries in order to build an open ecosystem in which digital value can be freely circulated. Detailed information can be found in our white paper

Fortnight in Review

Trading Platform

  • Metaverse ETP is now available for trading on QBTC with no transaction fees.

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  • Metaverse ETP is going to be listed on TDAX on January 2018. TDAX is a Thailand-based digital asset exchange co-founded by Poramin Insom, who is also the co-founder of Zcoin.

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  • Light Wallet Development Progress

French support was added to the Metaverse Light Wallet on 21 December 2017. You may access the wallet at:

There are some issues that we are seeking help for. If you’re interested in helping to solve issues for light wallet, please check out the GitHub page:

  • Metaverse full-node wallet
    • Upgraded to version 2.0 of the JSON-RPC API . It remains compatible with the old API.
    • The core team has been studying anonymity options for digital identities.
    • The interactive logic for digital identities has been designed.
    • Sorted out the stealth_address interface.

    1*Mk5B0KDKBDXD2L c0kkFZQ - Progress Report – (11 Dec – 22 Dec 2017)

    • Travis CI has been activated for the Metaverse repository.
    • Three MIPs have been activated on GitHub:
    1. Adjust the reward rate of coinlock (freezing) function.
    2. [Digital Identity] Integrate anonymity into Metaverse.

    3. [Digital Asset] Integrate Additional Public Offering into MVS Asset Issue.

    4. The team enthusiastically welcomes discussion and contribution to these MIPs.

    • Metaverse Official Website

    In light of our fast-growing Korean community, Korean language support has now been added for Metaverse’s official website. The main Metaverse white paper as well as our digital identity white paper have also been translated into Korean.

    Community Events

    • Soliciting Articles

    We’ve seen many videos and in-depth analyses about Metaverse and we believe that many more interesting perspectives have yet to be shared. As such, Metaverse has launched a long-running community event that will reward content creators – find the details

    Metaverse Foundation

    • The Metaverse Foundation has established a strategic partnership with Acute Angle Cloud, a global distributed Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. More details here:

    Other information

    • Bitcoin God, a project by Chandler Guo, will fork off the main Bitcoin chain at block 501,225. All ETP holders will have an opportunity to receive airdropped Bitcoin God, more details to be released soon.
    • An updated roadmap from now till Q4 2018 has been released. If you’d like to know more about the direction of Metaverse’s development, please refer to the roadmap here

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    Metaverse 2018 Roadmap

    Metaverse has and will continue to follow the overall development path outlined in our white paper. In 2017, we focused on developing digital assets and digital asset exchange capabilities, with two major version releases (v0.6.0 and v0.7.0) and twelve minor version releases (0.6.1-0.6.10, and 0.7.1-0.7.2).

    DgCtKrq - Metaverse 2018 Roadmap

    Moving forward, in 2018, Metaverse will begin to shift its focus to the development of digital identities, Digital Asset 2.0 and Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).

    The Metaverse Development Roadmap for 2018 is as follows.

    HOu8Uwl - Metaverse 2018 Roadmap

    Apart from technical development, Metaverse will also be investing resources into business development. Our goals for the coming year are outlined below.

    kZFjo6t - Metaverse 2018 Roadmap

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    Metaverse Full Node Wallet MVSD 0.7.2 release notes

    The Metaverse full node wallet 0.7.2 version is available on linux and windows, please go to our official website to download. The change from V0.7.1 to V0.7.2 is likely to have the greatest impact on miners. Metaverse fixed some areas in the code to address the high orphan rate faced by some mining pools recently. More details on the changes and new features:


    1. Added an offline transaction signing function. This function is unavailable through the MVSD GUI; It is only available for createrawtx/ signrawtx/ decoderawtx/ sendrawtx RPC calls.
    2. Accounts are no longer created when users input incorrect mnemonic words.
    3. Network performance optimization.
    4. Users are no longer given a time estimate when using the freezing function. Instead, the period required to unlock one’s deposit is displayed in blocks.
    5. Optimized performance of the getnewaddress RPC call. Irrelevant to the MVSD GUI.
    6. Added “locked_height_range” fields during transaction output of RPC calls to distinguish freezing transactions.
    7. Fixed peer connection problem in the configuration file.
    8. Display transaction message on homepage.


    1. Users must now type in their backup words (mnemonic passphrase) upon registration to confirm that they have made a backup.

    2. Fixed WebSocket in the “advanced” function on the Internet Explorer browser.

    3. Optimized the UI.

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    Progress Report – (25 Nov. 2017 – 8 Dec. 2017)


    Metaverse is a public blockchain project that aims to provide decentralized services based on digital assets, digital identity and value intermediaries in order to build an open ecosystem in which digital value can be freely circulated. Detailed information can be found in our white paper (, which is actively being revised.

    Fortnight in Review


    - Light Wallet Development Progress

    After receiving feedback from the community, the Metaverse light wallet beta has been upgraded with additional functions including freezing and a Thai language option. You may access v0.1.1 of the light wallet beta, Beta Decay, at:

    The wallet is an SPV client and is accessible through your browser. Unlike the full node client, the Light Wallet does not require users to sync the entire blockchain and has a simple user interface that allows users to easily manage their digital assets while on-the-go.

    - Full-node Metaverse Wallet (MVSD)

    1. MVSD v0.7.2 is undergoing some final tests and will go live at night later today.
    2. Digital identities on Metaverse are now under development. A draft of the design documents for planned digital identity functions have been completed. Functions will be accessible through MVSD, and a sneak peek of the UI is as below:

    vrzwW8G - Progress Report – (25 Nov. 2017 – 8 Dec. 2017)

    Community Events

    - Community New Platform - Discord

    Metaverse has moved the Slack community to Discord, please join our Discord via:

    - Soliciting Articles

    Metaverse has launched a long-running community event that will reward content creators – find the detail (

    - Metaverse First Meetup in Seoul

    Head of Global Development, Janice Shi, recently participated led the Metaverse team to its first overseas meetup in Seoul, South Korea. The event was a big success, and provided many fruitful opportunities for discussion and interaction. Read more about it here (

    - University Events

    Metaverse has been keeping up active collaboration with top Chinese universities. This past two weeks, Metaverse participated in the Fourth Internship and Job Fair for International Students hosted at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and also hosted the inaugural Blockchain Business Workshop organized by the Fudan Blockchain Association from Fudan University. We look forward to working even more closely with universities, academics, students and professionals in the future.

    Metaverse Foundation

    • The Metaverse Foundation has been invited to attend the Cryptospace Conference held in Moscow, Russia on December 8. Hosted by our partner fundraising platform KICKICO, the Cryptospace Conference is the largest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference in Eastern Europe. At the conference, Metaverse founder Eric Gu delivered a speech titled “Digital identity in Blockchains”.
    • The Metaverse Foundation’s bounty program is still ongoing. Rewards are available for both developers and community contributors. For more details, refer to our article here ( and participate actively!

    Other information

    • Metaverse CTO Chen Hao was recently invited to participate in the Technology Salon sponsored by 8BTC, China’s most influential platform for Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency news, where he delivered a presentation on blockchain technology’s potential to solve the dilemma of user privacy. Find the full presentation here (

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    Metaverse Light wallet Thai Language version is live

    Metaverse light wallet v0.1.1, Beta Decay, is now available in Thai. We are very happy about the first community contribution to the light wallet. With the help of Vorapoap and Kunchai, Thai users can now use the light wallet in their mother tongue.

    Adding support for multiple languages on the Metaverse light wallet is always welcome and encouraged. If you are interested in translating the wallet UI into your own language or adding features, join our community at:

    You may also join our Discord at:

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    Metaverse Light Wallet — 0.1.1 Beta decay is live

    tX9t3aE - Metaverse Light Wallet --- 0.1.1 Beta decay is live

    The Metaverse Light Wallet 0.01 alpha centauri version has been live for two weeks and has garnered positive responses since its launch. During this period of time, the team noted the importance of the deposit function, which was strongly called for by users. Therefore, we have added this feature into the beta decay version of the light wallet.

    From now on, you can access this feature on the light wallet. To try it out, please visit the light wallet at:

    Please note that you may have to wait for several seconds for a deposit transaction to be recorded in a block after you have completed a deposit operation.

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    November Roundup

    November has passed in a flash, and Christmas is now almost upon us. It has been a bumpy ride for the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain community, due in no small part to the uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin and 2X. Regardless, the Metaverse team has continued to invest a good amount of time overseas this month interacting with other firms in the fintech and blockchain space and has gained invaluable insights along the way. We are extremely encouraged by the raw vitality of the industry, and it spurs us to forge ahead.

    This month, research and development efforts for the Metaverse blockchain have been focused on digital identity implementation. A number of complex hurdles have to be considered, including the question of interoperability, zero-knowledge proofs and user-friendliness. We are making progress on these fronts and should be able to release more details soon.

    Metaverse has also been active in the community at some of Shanghai’s most well-recognized universities, participating in their annual job fairs as well as events organized by Fudan University’s Blockchain Association. Again, it’s heartening to see so many students challenging themselves and engaging with new technologies. Lastly, the team is aware of community feedback and is continuously working to liaise with exchanges. The negotiation process may be long and winding, but we are confident that we will have good news to share. Thank you all for your support – in the words of John Heywood, nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

    Till next month,
    The Metaverse Team

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