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Progress Report – (16th Oct. – 27th Oct)


Metaverse is a public blockchain project that aims to provide decentralized services based on digital assets, digital identity and value intermediaries in order to build an open ecosystem in which digital value can be freely exchanged. Detailed information can be found in our white paper,which is actively being revised.

Fortnight in Review

Trading Platform

Metaverse will begin trading on HitBTC on 1 November, 2017. HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Europe and is the 4th largest cryptocurrency exchange globally by trade volume.

2a5AIwq - Progress Report  – (16th  Oct. - 27th Oct)Bitfinex related news:
Margin trading for ETP has been enabled on Bitfinex.
Do be aware of Bitfinex’s announcement; for all our U.S. users, please withdraw your ETP to the Metaverse wallet or another exchange before 9 November , 2017.

Additionally, we are in talks with other exchanges. Unfortunately, we are unable to reveal them at the moment. Information will be released as soon as possible.


Web Wallet Development Progress: 

• 0.7.1 version has released on 19th Oct, for more information, please check out the release notes.
Please ensure that you download the wallet from either or as it has come to our attention that there are some phishing sites going around that contain links to malware.
• We have also released a list of FAQs – we strongly recommend that users read through it.

Explorer Development Progress:

• The new version explorer has been released on 24th Oct., new features have been added such as: mining info, mining pools index and hashrate division pie chart, market cap. Please go and check it at!/

Mobile Wallet Development Progress:

• Token master ios version was launched on Apple Store on 17th Oct. Please note this version is only availbele for Chinese mobile number currently.

Other information

• Eric Gu, CEO of the Metaverse Foundation, held an AMA with the community on Reddit – take a look at his replies here.

• Metaverse team joined Money 20/20 in Las Vegas during 22-25 Oct, where Metaverse was invited by Money 20/20 to do an official interview.

• Eric Gu and the Metaverse team attended World Blockchain Summit in Dubai on 24-25 Oct. Eric delivered a presentation at the Summit.

• Metaverse Foundation is partering with Draper Dragon to establish a special investment fund for digital asset, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 26th Oct.

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FAQ for Metaverse Wallet

1. Installation


1.1 What if my antivirus software identifies the wallet package as malicious during installation?

If your antivirus software incorrectly identifies the wallet package as malicious, please temporarily disable the antivirus software or add the wallet package to the list of trusted applications during installation, or the antivirus software may delete important files by mistake.

1.2 Can the wallet application run in a 32-bit OS?

A 32-bit OS currently does not support the Metaverse Wallet, please change to a 64-bit OS and complete the wallet installation.

1.3 What if the wallet application crashes and closes on its own?

Try restarting your computer or reinstall the wallet application first. Due to the poor performance of some computers, we recommend that you close all other software including antivirus when you open the wallet.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, your wallet database may be damaged. Please make sure that you have saved the wallet private key (the mnemonic passphrase that contains 24 English words), then download and install the blockdata-inside version, and choose to overwrite data from the previous installation, as shown below:
lAcRQ2A - FAQ for Metaverse Wallet

1.4 Your device crashes during wallet installation

This is because the wallet take up a lot of disk space during initialization; having too many programs open on your device could cause high disk usage resulting in your device crashing. Please close all programs except mvsd.exe and reopen the synchronization program.

1.5 "Page not found" or "Server connection error, please check server status” prompt

Please temporarily close the proxy server or antivirus software. Then clear your browser cache from at minimum the previous month and try again. If it still cannot be opened, you are recommended to uninstall and reinstall the wallet application.
If the proxy server or antivirus software is running, please temporarily close them.

2.Account and Login


2.1 "Invalid login credentials” prompt

Possible reasons are: 1, You might have used the account password cached in the explorer; 2, An incorrect username or password was entered; 3, Your session has expired (it may happen when you use a different computer or after reinstallation);

Solution: first, clear the data stored in the explorer and manually enter your username and password. If this fails, restart the synchronization program and wallet page and try to sign in again. If you are still unable to log in, please create a new account (preferably with a different username) and import the private key of your original account.

2.2 Unable to import private key

Possible reasons are:

1)If you did not fill in the number of addresses when you import the private key, please just fill in a number.

TXZtUMh - FAQ for Metaverse Wallet
2)Your current username may be the same as the username of the account you are trying to import data from. Please change your username.

3)Please delete the number contained in your username, then try to create an username with pure letters combinations;

2.3 The asset balance in my account appears to be empty or lower than your true balance after importing the private key of previous account.

Possible reasons are:
1) Incorrect private key;
2)You filled in a small number of addresses when you import the private key. We recommend that you re-import the private key and fill in a larger number of address, such as 50.
3)The synchronization has not yet been completed.

2.4 Lost a previous account’s address after importing the private key

Possible reasons are:

1)Insufficient addresses in the new account: click "Create new address" to create a new address, or create a new account and import your private key, then fill in a larger number of addresses (such as 50).
2)Incorrect private key

3. Synchronization


3.1 How does the wallet synchronize?

Blocks will automatically be synchronized when your wallet is running. The right bottom corner (marked in yellow below) shows you the number of blocks your wallet has synced.
GoKLl7K - FAQ for Metaverse Wallet

3.2 What if the wallet fails to sync when it is opened?

Please try the following operations:
1) Multiple refresh;
2) Please close all programs except the wallet;
3) Try uninstalling and reinstalling the wallet application.
Please note that the wallet does not sync when your device is in sleep mode.

3.3 Incomplete synchronization
Incomplete synchronization may result in the following circumstances:

1) Your wallet balance appears to be empty or lower than your true balance;
2)Coins transferred from other addresses to your wallet are not reflected in your wallet;

If these issues occur, please be patient and wait for synchronization to be completed. The time required for synchronization depends on your internet speed and computer’s specs. Normally, synchronization takes 4-5 hours (synchronization will be stopped when computer is in sleep mode). Therefore, we recommend that new users install the data packet version to reduce syncing time.

3.4 When is the wallet synchronization completed?

First, please open the Metaverse blockchain explorer at!/

The area marked in yellow shows the serial number of the latest generated block (it changes every minute):
EZwHDfx - FAQ for Metaverse Wallet

Then, please open and sign in to your wallet. The right bottom corner (marked in yellow below) shows you the number of blocks your wallet has synced.
smWVHAv - FAQ for Metaverse Wallet
When the number of blocks displayed in your wallet approaches the number shown in the block explorer, you can consider wallet synchronization complete; otherwise, the synchronization is not completed.



4.1 Your wallet balance appears to be empty or lower than your true balance

Because the synchronization is not completed, the assets are not displayed. Please be patient and wait for synchronization to be completed. You may view the number of blocks that the wallet has already synchronized at the top of the wallet.

4.2 Failed to receive the transfer
Possible reasons are:

1) The other side did not send you money;
2) Your wallet has not been synchronized with the latest block yet. You may view the latest generated block at!/.

4.3 Does Metaverse Wallet charge fees for withdrawal?

Metaverse Wallet does not charge transaction fees, but a miner fee of 0.0001 ETP will be charged for each transaction. This fee is charged to the party making the withdrawal. A transfer between different addresses that belong to the same account will still incur miner fees.

4.4 How much will Metaverse Wallet charge when users transfer ZGC or other non-ETP assets in the Wallet?

Metaverse Wallet charges 0.0001 ETP to reward miners.

4.5 Unable to send assets

A 0.0001ETP miner fee is charged for each transfer made on Metaverse. Please check that your wallet balance is sufficient.

4.6 “Insufficient balance” prompt when transfering all ETP out of your wallet

A 0.0001ETP miner fee is charged for each transfer made on Metaverse. Please check that your wallet balance is sufficient. For instance, please fill in 9.9999 as transfer amount if your wallet has 10 ETP in total.

4.7 “Insufficient balance” prompt when the balance is sufficient.

If you choose the sending address when you transfer, as shown below:
cwWONUg - FAQ for Metaverse Wallet
Please make sure that there is no less than 0.0001 ETP in this address.

To solve this problem, you may choose not to select an address but leave it to Automatic:
A2qer3B - FAQ for Metaverse Wallet

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Progress Report (9th Oct. — 13th Oct.)


Metaverse is a public blockchain project that aims to provide decentralized services based on digital assets, digital identity and value intermediaries in order to build an open ecosystem in which digital value can be freely circulated. Detailed information can be found in our white paper, which is actively being revised.

We are trying our best to update all our social media channels in a timely and thorough.

Note: As we had one week bank holiday, we update this report for one week instead of fortnight.

Week in Review

Trading Platform

We are super pleased to announce that Metaverse is now trading on BITSUN.NET

1*LRI6wnlK01Zfvt nmVpSWw - Progress Report (9th Oct. — 13th Oct.)

BitSun is a singapore exchange which lists only the top coins — ETH, ETC, LTC, and BCC.


Web Wallet Development Progress:

· Get public key — filter multisig address parameter
· Remove upgrade database process in initchain
· Modify windows webpath direction

Mobile Wallet Development Progress:

· Token Master (Android version V0.8.3) has been upload to Google Play market, this is an emergency version that fixed domain name issue. Please download new version as soon as possible.


we are currently focusing on developing asset re-issuance and asset freezing functions, as well as the basic functions supporting digital identity. Our dev goals for the coming quarter are as follows:

- October

· Development and beta testing of Digital Identities

· Launch the decentralized matching orders Metaverse Improvement Proposal (MIP)

· Promote our open source community


· Digital Identity will be integrated into the wallet in the form of an MIP. We are waiting for a large number of test reports from the testnet.

· Metaverse’s matching orders will enter beta testing phase.


· code development related to Metaverse’s consensus mechanism upgrade, asset reissuance, asset freezing.

· some basic digital identity functions will be completed.

A rough outline of our goals for the first half of 2018 are:

Feb 2018: make progress on code development related to upgrades of digital identity functions, Oracle mechanisms for digital identities, asset pledging and digital asset exchange.

May 2018: activate the MIP function if it is able to gain widespread support among the community.

Other information

Metaverse CSR — a visit to Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) Metaverse staff visited Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) as one of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) volunteer activities on October 12, 2017.

We would launch a new project: Metavese Weekly Express. This express collects novelty or related news of blockchain area. It’s coming soon this week, Stay tuned for us!
We’ve been receiving requests for an AMA. Let us know if you would like one!

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[Tips] How to Move the Metaverse Wallet’s Block Files to Other Drive Letters (Windows version)

  1. Create configuration file mvs.conf in the following directory:


  2. The configuration content for the mvs.conf file is as follows:

directory = D:\MVS\ChainData\Metaverse

20170929181838 - [Tips] How to Move the Metaverse Wallet’s Block Files to Other Drive Letters (Windows version)

You may fill in your own path above. Alternatively, you may download the configuration file from our site. We recommend installing the blockdata-inside version if you are a new user.

Then, copy the %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Metaverse directory to the destination directory in the D drive
(the folder must be named Metaverse.)

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 Metaverse Progress Report(September, 2017)


Metaverse is a public blockchain project that aims to provide decentralized services based on digital assets, digital identity and value intermediaries in order to build an open ecosystem in which digital value can be freely circulated. Detailed information can be found in our white paper which is actively being revised.

Month in Review

Trading Platform

170019zlrjnthtl83yql7y -  Metaverse Progress Report(September, 2017)

Metaverse’s ETP has begun trading on Bitfinex, the world’s largest Bitcoin trading platform. The available trading pairs are: ETP/USD, ETP/BTC and ETP/ETH.

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency spot trading platform and provides trading, financing and other services. You can access the platform at


Web Wallet Development Progress: this month, we released version 0.7.0 of our web wallet. We’re pleased to announce that it’s our first major update for the wallet with an all-new UI and improved features including:

  • An installation package including a database – reduces sync time
  • Optimized querying and other related functions for accounts with high trading volumes
  • Optimized Mongoose services, speeding up the web wallet
  • Added high-level backups; accounts can now be exported to an encrypted file
  • Reconstructed multi-sig commands, optimizing the output method

Head to for the release notes.

Version 0.7.1 of the wallet will go live next month with the following improvements:

MwooiSG -  Metaverse Progress Report(September, 2017)

  • Resolving issues with ETP locking
  • Miners can determine the mining fee
  • Multi-sig addresses and transactions can be created from the front end
  • Normal and multi-sig transactions will be separated when sending transactions
  • General wallet improvements that will reduce the amount of system resources consumed
  • UI update

Mobile Wallet Development Progress: 2 updates were released for the Android version of our mobile wallet TokenMaster this month. Development is complete for the iOS version, which will be submitted for vetting by the App Store this month.

Other information

Digital Identity white paper:

Metaverse’s digital identity white paper was published this month. Digital identities in Metaverse are built on the blockchain ecology system, and will be able provide verification and authentication services for multiple industries centered around the wallet and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) concept, by making use of the blockchain’s underlying infrastructure.

You may view our white paper here:

Metaverse Foundation attends the D10e conference in Kyiv, Ukraine:

Metaverse Foundation sponsored and attended the recent D10e conference held in Kyiv, Ukraine, from 16-19 September. Metaverse Foundation’s founder Eric Gu was also in attendance as a speaker.

170146o8nrueqy8vc3yz0z -  Metaverse Progress Report(September, 2017)

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Metaverse Progress Report – August,2017

Progress in Web Wallet

We mainly focused on optimizing our wallet system and the development of new features in August.

System performance optimization

  • Repaired some nonfunctional features (caused by failure to initialize database)
  • Optimized the log system and reduced log size to facilitate user feedback
  • Optimized the execution efficiency of transaction-related queries targeting accounts with large trading volumes (increased about 40 times)
  • High-level account backups (exported to encrypted file)
  • Optimized mongoose services and improved the web wallet’s speed
  • Built a development environment for Visual Studio 2015

111554w9hd3zyqpc6peyv6 - Metaverse Progress Report - August,2017

New features

  • The wallet will run on the back end of the operating system. Users can open or exit the wallet on their taskbar after the application has launched (currently only supported on Windows and OS X.)
  • Multi-signature transactions
  • Subscription to transaction addresses
  • Asset issuance
  • The “send” command for ETP transactions now supports transaction descriptions
  • Production of installation package for Mac system

111748wljblir9riil7lrb - Metaverse Progress Report - August,2017

Note: some of these features are still in the beta testing phase. Follow-up versions are coming soon.

Web wallet version 0.7.0 has entered beta testing and is coming soon.

Mobile Wallet development progress


The Android version of TokenMaster is now available, please visit our official website to download the wallet

112014jvdg340uv46en666 - Metaverse Progress Report - August,2017

TokenMaster is user-friendly, supports multiple chains and currencies, and is compatible with all platforms!

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Metaverse PC Q&A

Note: This documentaiton is applicable to Metaverse PC V0.64-V0.610

Collection and transfer of assets

1. Is there a fee for using Metaverse wallet to raise money?

No charge,each one will be charged 0.0001 ETP Miners fee according to transaction times. For same account, mutual transfers between different addresses will also charge miners fee.

2. If you want to transfer ZGC or ETP How much do you charge for other assets?

Charge 0.0001 ETP Miners fee.

3. When transfer it shows “unable to send”.

Using Metaverse wallet to transfer coins. Each time you have to charge 0.0001etp miners, please check your wallet whether you have Enough ETP to pay for the miners or not.

4. Shows “unable to transfer! not enough balance.

Using Metaverse wallet to transfer coins. Each time you need to charge 0.0001 ETP for the miner's fee, please write the amount of the converted currency.
Make sure you have at least 0.0001 ETP remaining in your wallet.

5. The assets in the account are shown as 0, Money is not received in the wallet, after resynchronization the assets in the wallet become less.

Because the synchronization has not been completed, so the asset is not displayed, please be patient to finish synchronization.

Installation and synchronization

1. Why there is no version for windows32 ?

The system is currently having compatibility issues and is still being debugged, so there is no formal release yet.

2. What to do when the program opens and flashes back?

First, make sure you have your wallet private key saved (Mnemonic , a total of 24 English words) If you have lost your wallet, please key, please contact customer service first.




How to make it: please copy and link in the gray box on your computer system and paste it to the address of your computer column, as shown in the following picture:

112832vzgb7m1czv71s2v3 - Metaverse PC Q&AAfter carriage return, displays the following interface.
112852p12h1gkz1p3ah5ar - Metaverse PC Q&APlease delete the first file mainnet, then open the synchronization program and restart the synchronization.

3. mvsd.exe The program turned on and the computer crashed.

This is because synchronous programs require large amounts of disk when initialized, and your computer opens too many programs, accounting for disk.
The rate of use is too high, causing the computer to crash. Please shut all other computer programs except mvsd.exe and then open the synchronization program.

4. Sign in shows “Invalid login voucher”

Maybe because of these reasons:

  1. Using a browser cache account and password.
  2. Account or password error.
  3. Account or password already invalid (This happens when you change your computer or reinstall your program).

Solution: first try to clear the browser data, manually enter the account and password, if not successful, restart the synchronization program and Wallet page. If you still cannot login, re enter the account number (new account username, preferably with the original account No.same) and import the private key of the original account.

5. Cannot import private key.

It may be that the username of the new account is the same as the user name for the original account you want to import. Please change the user name.

6. Security software indicates that cockhorse or virus / synchronization program is automatically deleted by security software.

Indicates that the virus belongs to security software. Please select the trusted synchronization program. If the synchronization program is considered as a disease by the security software
Poison accidentally deleted, please set the trust in the security software in the synchronization process.

360 operation method: open 360 security guards, click on the lower left corner of the protection center, and then pop up an interface. There is trust and obstruction in the upper corner. When you get in, delete the sync file and click trust and restore.

7. After importing the private key of the original account, the address of the original account is lost Maybe because of these reasons :

New account address is insufficient: Click “Create new address”.

Create a new address or apply again.

The account imports the private key and fills in a larger address amount (such as 100)
Account import private key.

The private key is incorrect.

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