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Metaverse Blockchain Spotlights: Luxchain and ParcelX

68JEazV - Metaverse Blockchain Spotlights: Luxchain and ParcelX

At Metaverse, we are pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and incubating exciting new projects into our ecosystem. Providing Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions to our partners to promote blockchain applications is at the core of what we do. Today, we want to highlight two projects that solve existing problems in the second hand luxury goods market and the cross-border delivery industry.


qvp7IxL - Metaverse Blockchain Spotlights: Luxchain and ParcelX

Luxchain is a blockchain solution that solves the problem of trust in the second hand luxury goods market. In second hand markets and on e-commerce platforms, buyers are often unsure if what they are buying is authentic. As many luxury goods lie in closets, unused and unsold, the lack of trust between buyers and sellers means that a huge potential market opportunity is wasted away. The counterfeit luxury goods market value is estimated at $450 billion and growing, which makes this industry prime for exploitation. After we solve the trust issue, buyers and sellers need to agree on a price, which is another problem that can derail the goods exchanging hands. At what price will the buyer and seller agree to execute the transaction? Luxchain has created the world’s first Global Luxury Price Index powered by AI that can solve this problem by tracking prices from over 20 countries, providing the most up to date data for both merchants and consumers.

7Tbn0f8 - Metaverse Blockchain Spotlights: Luxchain and ParcelX

How does Luxchain use Metaverse technology?

Luxchain incorporates technology from Metaverse by using Digital Identities, Digital Assets, and Oracles (value intermediaries). Essentially each buyer and retailer will have a digital identity, and each luxury good will be a digital asset. Oracles will provide verification services to ensure that the second hand good is authentic. Specifically, each user will need to pass KYC (Know-Your-Customer) protocol and input his or her personal information to be officially verified. This personal information will be stored on a side chain, so only the digital identity will be revealed on the Metaverse public blockchain. Let us take a second hand LV bag as an example to go through how the whole process works.

A LV bag’s original owner wants to sell her bag on the second hand market. For her bag to be officially recognized as a digital asset, she needs to take multiple photos to upload onto Luxchain’s portal. Luxchain will have a template on what angles the photos need to be in, to allow the Oracles to verify the authenticity of the bag. Once the bag is verified, it becomes a digital asset and can be put onto e-commerce marketplaces. Each luxury good will have detailed specifications and a proof of authenticity. An interested buyer will browse the catalog of available luxury goods, and if she is interested in buying the LV bag, she can make the purchase through the e-commerce platform knowing that the bag is authentic. Throughout this process, Digital Identity A (the seller) goes through Oracles (verifiers) to ensure that her LV bag (the digital asset) is put on the e-commerce site, so Digital Identity B (the buyer) can make the purchase with ease of mind.

Now let us take a look at ParcelX, another blockchain solution developed using Metaverse technology, to see how ParcelX aims to transform the global cross-border delivery industry.


ParcelX aims to provide a globalized solution for cross-border parcel deliveries. Currently, the international shipping industry faces a few problems such as lack of trust, inefficiency, and data intransparency. Lack of trust is a key challenge for transportation and logistics companies. Consumers and e-commerce clients have limited choices when they choose delivery service providers. They either overpay large companies with in-house infrastructure to ensure high quality delivery, or accept inferior delivery services from scattered service providers that have data gaps and inconsistent services. Price transparency is also an issue facing many consumers. Often when a consumer places an international order, companies unnecessarily upcharge delivery fees. Since consumers have limited choices, logistics companies can band together to form oligopolies, thus hurting the consumer.

PSnRAmB - Metaverse Blockchain Spotlights: Luxchain and ParcelX

High costs are also due to aging IT infrastructure and a lack of data digitization. Without the ability to trace data from disparate sources, service providers suffer from inefficiency in redundant operations such as re-weighing and re-labeling parcels. These all lead to unnecessary delays and costs, which ultimately harm not just the consumer, but also the enterprise in terms of operating inefficiency. ParcelX will solve these issues using technology from the Metaverse blockchain to provide a cost efficient and reliable solution for both logistics service providers and the end consumer.

How does ParcelX use Metaverse technology?

With the cross-border parcel delivery business continuing to grow, companies need efficient and effective solutions to the above problems. The Chinese cross-border delivery industry is projected to reach $1.32 trillion in 2018, with the majority of shoppers born in the 1980’s and 1990’s. People in this age bracket tend to be early adopters of technology that can benefit their lives. Here is how Metaverse blockchain technology can fundamentally change the parcel delivery industry as we know it.

GF1jdQN - Metaverse Blockchain Spotlights: Luxchain and ParcelX
Suppose Person A buys a good from an international e-commerce site. E-retailer B will start the shipping process after Person A has paid the shipping fee with GPX, ParcelX’s token. The e-retailer will then assign the parcel a QR Code, and this parcel becomes a digital asset that can be tracked throughout the whole delivery process on the Metaverse blockchain. The local overseas delivery man will then get the parcel from the e-retailer, driving the delivery van to drop off the parcel at the warehouse to prepare for international shipping. The delivery man is assigned a digital identity, while the warehouse is an oracle, a value intermediary that verifies the delivery man has dropped off the parcel.

Next, the parcel will clear overseas customs. The overseas customs office can be another oracle that ensures the digital asset, the parcel, is cleared correctly with the proper forms. Once the parcel has cleared overseas customs, a shipping and freight company will make the cross-border shipment. The shipping and freight company is essentially another oracle, and in this situation, the oracle would most likely be a large international shipping company with a well-established reputation, so the digital identities Person A and e-retailer B can trust the shipment will be delivered on time in the proper condition.

Once the parcel enters the country of Person A, the logistics company will drop off the box at the local port, which then conducts local customs clearance. As similarly described above, the local delivery agency and the local customs office are oracles, verifiers who ensure the parcel gets handed off to the next entity to handle the next step of the delivery. Once the parcel clears local customs, a local logistics service provider will ship the parcel to Person A. At this point, Person A will acknowledge receipt of the parcel by scanning the QR Code, thus confirming the entire shipment process.

Throughout this parcel delivery flow, multiple digital identities and oracles are involved to ensure that the parcel, the digital asset, gets delivered to the right person in the proper manner. Each handoff or transaction is recorded on the Metaverse blockchain, which provides a secure and immutable ledger for each step of the shipping process. With data that is open and transparent, both Person A and e-retailer B can track each step of the delivery, ensuring that the parcel is delivered in the most efficient and cost effective way possible, a win-win situation for all parties.

As shown in the above Luxchain and ParcelX examples, Metaverse provides base layer infrastructure Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions to varying industries. Both Luxchain and ParcelX are developing solutions to real world problems, and we are incredibly excited about the future ahead.

For more information on Luxchain, visit their website here.

For more information on ParcelX, visit their website here.

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Metaverse Community, Thank You

2qtEadD - Metaverse Community, Thank You

Dear Metaverse Community,

Round 1 voting for OKEX listing has ended, and this time unfortunately ETP did not make the top 3. We placed 4th out of 18 tokens, and that is something to be proud of. We want to thank each and every one of you for voting ETP. As our ecosystem continues to develop and grow, we will continuously strive for ETP to be listed on OKEX and other large exchanges. Please stay tuned.

At Metaverse, our main focus is to build valuable applications on our infrastructure. We believe our value lies in creating and working with projects that can positively impact both enterprises and end users. We have released our latest upgrade SuperNova, which brings capabilities that can solve real world problems on a wide scale. We are currently in the midst of a world tour to promote Metaverse and the other projects built on our platform. Though we are certainly disappointed about today’s result, we will hold our heads high knowing that the future looks bright for Metaverse and ETP. Thank you Metaverse Community.


Metaverse Team

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Metaverse Weekly Update (6.4–6.11)

uvYEFkE.jpg - Metaverse Weekly Update (6.4–6.11)

Welcome to the Metaverse Weekly Progress Report for the week of June 4th! Read about our development and marketing progress in this weekly update brought to you by the Metaverse team.

Top Development Achievements

This week SuperNova (v0.80) full-node wallet has been released and is available on the testnet. In addition, we completed several functionality developments:

1) SuperNova

SuperNova (v0.80) mac version installation package completed

SuperNova (v0.80) mac version bug fixed

SuperNova (v0.80) testing finished

SuperNova (v0.80) full node wallet released

Tag (v0.80) source code available on github:

SuperNova document updated

2) Metaverse Digital Assets

MIT (Metaverse Identifiable Token) functions realized

3) Full node wallet front end:

add MIT

build Supernova version

4) Explorer:

add MIT

Marketing Progress

Metaverse: The New Reality World Tour

Metaverse: The New Reality World Tour successfully started in Korea last Sunday. Alongside five projects built on the Metaverse blockchain — WAT, Luxchain, LeBlock, ParcelX, and ALLN , Metaverse organized a roadshow last Sunday in Seoul. America will be the next stop, and we expect the Metaverse ecosystem to continue to grow with more applications established on the Metaverse blockchain. The livestream of the roadshow has been uploaded on YouTube here:

ETP Voting on OKEx Exchange

ETP is on the 18 token shortlist for voting on the OKEx exchange. We are incredibly grateful that ETP is one of the 18 tokens to be selected in the first round of voting. The voting time is from June 4th, 11:00 am to June 11th, 11:00 am Hong Kong time. For more infomation, please check out:

Metaverse Mainnet Upgrade

Metaverse SuperNova (v0.80) full-node wallet has been released on June 6th at 17:00 (GMT+8). The exciting new features will be functional and activated at the block height 1,270,000 (around June 18th). We strongly recommend you upgrade the full-node wallet before June 23 at 24:00 PM (GMT+8).

For more information, please check out the announcement:
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Metaverse Mainnet Upgrade Announcement

0VMmmne - Metaverse Mainnet Upgrade Announcement

Metaverse SuperNova (v0.80) full-node wallet will be released on June 6th at 17:00 (GMT+8). New features will be functional and activated at the block height 1,270,000 (around June 18th). Please upgrade to the new full-node wallet before June 17th at 24:00 PM (GMT+8).

The exciting new SuperNova features are listed below:

Users can create Avatars on the Metaverse blockchain, and these Avatars can be used in MST (Metaverse Smart Token) transactions, MIT (Metaverse Identifiable Token) transactions, and certificate transactions.
SuperNova supports the functions of “Secondary Issue” and “Burn Asset”. Users can choose specific offering curves and specify secondary issue rates while creating an asset. Users are allowed to deposit the quantity of assets for the specified number of blocks and unlock the asset following a specified rate. Assets can be burned if they are sent to Burn Address.
Secondary issue certificates, domain certificates, and naming certificates are also new features, and these certificates can be transferred. Secondary issue certificates and domain certificates are provided after asset creation. The domain certificate is automatically provided at the asset creation stage and is available on the first-issue first-served basis. For example, if you own the domain ‘MVS’, only you can create an asset whose name starts with ‘MVS’. The owner of domain certificates can create the naming certificates that can be transferred to others, for them to issue the asset with the same name as the naming certificates.
Public key can be shared by the QR Code in the light wallet or full-node wallet for account transfer.
MIT issuance is supported in SuperNova (v0.8.0). MIT can be issued in the light wallet and has Bitcoin-level security. Different from MST, MIT is globally unique, indivisible, and can be bound with Avatars.
Multi-signature: multi-signature can be bound on Avatars and can send MST assets, MIT assets, and certificates.
SuperNova resolves the synchronization problem for ETP full node wallet.
SuperNova is compatible with the existing features of MVS. However, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your wallets before June 23 at 24:00 PM (GMT+8). Before you upgrade, please remember to backup mnemonics.

The official block browser will be upgraded by June 18. The official light wallet (Android/iOS) and full-node wallet will be upgraded by June 20.

For SuperNova release notes and manual, please refer to: Metaverse news page

Metaverse Team

June 6th, 2018

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Metaverse ETP OKEx Voting Underway!

xFXQIbo - Metaverse ETP OKEx Voting Underway!

Dear Metaverse Fans,

Please vote for Metaverse ETP to get listed on the OKEx Exchange! ETP is one of 18 tokens that are first round nominees, and we are incredibly grateful and excited to be part of the voting process. The top 3 projects will be listed on the OKEx Exchange, and the voting time is from June 4th, 11:00 am to June 11th, 11:00 am Hong Kong time. Therefore it is important to show the power of the SuperNova and vote for ETP!

We will briefly summarize the voting procedures. Details on how to vote are in this link.

  1. Duration: each round lasts for 7 days and 3 projects will be selected. OKEx will initiate 1 vote per week.
  2. Rules: OKEx users and Prime Investors are eligible to vote.
  3. a) Each Prime Investor can only endorse 1 project. OKB is not required for the endorsement. The top 3 projects in the vote must have the endorsement from at least 3 Prime Investors to be eligible for listing on OKEx.
  4. b) OKEx users can vote by using OKB. 1 vote costs 0.1OKB. Users can vote on multiple projects. The minimum number of votes per user to be cast on a project is 1. The votes cast cannot be canceled during the vote.
  5. The OKB used for voting can still enjoy the benefits of our Happy Friday Program, but the security deposit from the project team cannot.

Here is the link where you can vote on OKEx:

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Metaverse Weekly Report (5.28-6.1)

oyRSML9 - Metaverse Weekly Report (5.28-6.1)
Metaverse Weekly Report (5.28-6.1)

Welcome to the Metaverse Weekly Progress Report for the week of May 28th! Read about our development and marketing progress in this weekly update brought to you by the Metaverse team.

Top Development Attainments

This week, we conducted systematic testing of SuperNova beta version, with SuperNova almost finished and ready for deployment.

In addition, we completed several functionality developments:

1) Metaverse Digital Assets:
• Strengthened support models for conditional release of asset transfer
• Researched the design and implementation of unique asset functions
• Implemented function to allow asset to be issued at a fixed inflation rate
2) SuperNova Beta Version Testing:
• Implemented API batch testing and fork testing
• Finished system test for SuperNova beta version, and merged relevant codes to the master branch for formal deployment
3) Testnet Explorer:
• Added the list of certificates
• Added ability of each asset to check the secondary issues
4) Testnet Light Wallet:
• Added ability for users to check their avatar in the light wallet
• Added ability to create avatars in the light wallet
5) Other
• Miners can now vivificate the transaction fee
• Finished DID API adjustment

Marketing Progress

1) Interviews and Reports
• Eric Gu, founder and CEO of Metaverse, was interviewed by Block Clip Media at FINWISE Summit Tokyo. Eric explained how Metaverse functions as an underlying blockchain, and briefly discussed several of the applications built on top of the chain, such as LeBlock and LUXchain. Check out the clip here:

2) Progress of Applications Based on Metaverse Blockchain
• This week an article was written that overviews the LeBlock project, a virtual game built on the Metaverse blockchain. LeBlock aims to pioneer a LEGO-like “Blockchain World,” where users can trade digital assets. The game currently has more than 70,000 users. For more information, please check out the article:

3) Metaverse World Tour
• Metaverse is about to set out on a World Tour Roadshow, with the first stop in Seoul, Korea. Alongside five projects built on the Metaverse blockchain—WAX, LUXchain, LeBlock, ParcelX, and CoinSuper—Metaverse will present to the Korean community and potential investors.

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A Visualized World of Blockchain — LeBlock

Metaverse Project Spotlight:

Here at Metaverse we are continuously pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. Today we want to spotlight a promising mobile game that is built on the Metaverse blockchain - LeBlock.

BJPbP6V - A Visualized World of Blockchain — LeBlock

LeBlock is a virtual LEGO game built on the blockchain. The game essentially allows users to build a world using blocks of different colors, a digital world that operates similarly to how the real world works, comprised of financial markets and complex infrastructure. LeBlock was founded by a team of game lovers and has since grown into a robust gaming community with nearly 70,000 users. By the end of this year, the LeBlock ecosystem will reach a projected 200,000 gamers, and more games expected to launch.

LeBlock aims to pioneer a LEGO-like “Blockchain World”. Players can build houses, roads, and yards. Every deed and transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and goods and services can be traded with TAT, the in-game token. TAT will also be the main token for 2 upcoming games built on LeBlock. These games are slated for release in Q3 and Q4 of this year.

Below we will summarize 3 key points from 2 recent media articles that highlighted LeBlock. (click the links below for the original articles)

Jinse Caijin article
e27 article

Point 1: A "Virtual LEGO" on the Metaverse Blockchain

Game developers are making worlds where gamers can freely interact with their environments, thus stimulating the creativity of the participants. In LeBlock, gamers can mine for blocks of 5 colors to build landscapes, accessories, and weapons. There are various difficulty levels to obtain each block, and gamers need to use their in-game “computing power” to mine these various blocks to build the world they want.

PBRC6Ju - A Visualized World of Blockchain — LeBlock

Point 2: Digital Assets on LeBlock

LeBlock incorporates digital assets within the game, and these tangible digital assets include accessories, properties, and any personal belongings of the gamers. For example, each “lego” block within the game can be turned into an in-game asset that can be traded using the in-game token TAT. Players can trade these blocks with each other and also buy/sell at marketplaces that are built into the game. All of these transactions are recorded on the Metaverse Blockchain.

VGVl10f - A Visualized World of Blockchain — LeBlock

Point 3: Future Growth of Blockchain Games

As blockchain technology continues to mature and develop, building valuable applications that can reach the masses is integral for scalability and wide adoption. The gaming industry has been on an explosive trajectory the past few years, riding the wave of livestreaming and e-sports. Standing on the intersection of blockchain and gaming, LeBlock creatively encourages casual and hardcore gamers alike to build their own imaginations visually in a virtual world. Having reached close to 70,000 users, LeBlock aims to continually develop new games and features to improve the gamer experience. By the end of 2018, the overall user base can potentially reach 200,000 strong.

Blockchain is a relatively new industry that academics, researchers, tech teams, and enthusiasts pore timeless energy over in order to develop the next big thing, the next great idea. Sometimes it could be easy to forget about the fun, the positive impact blockchain can have on anyone on any given day. Casual gaming is fun and can be an escape from hectic everyday life. If a game can educate users about a new technology like blockchain, then there is an educational value along with the sheer excitement of playing the game. LeBlock, built on the Metaverse Blockchain, provides such a platform for a wide audience to have fun and learn.

For more information on LeBlock, please visit their official website here:

For more information on Metaverse, please visit

Please follow us on our official accounts to fully immerse yourself in the New Reality:

Medium: www.medium/@mvs_org








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