Metaverse Weekly Report (7/30 — 8/4)

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Welcome to the Metaverse Weekly Progress Report for the week of July 30th! Read about our development and marketing progress in this weekly update brought to you by the Metaverse team.

Technical Development

Finished deployment of lightwallet v0.4.1 and it is already released

Other Developments
Improved the tracking data of Ethereum and ETP
Improved the cross-chain asset transaction service between Ethereum and ETP
Finished the functional development of transferring between Ethereum and ETP
Implemented report and html interface for data query of the front end
Completed the deployment of service script

Marketing Updates
Our Community member Xavier Molina Mercadé from Barcelona published a video about Metaverse in Spanish and we really appreciated his passion and enthusiasm when talking about the Metaverse project. The Metaverse community is growing globally and we encourage more supporters to make this a truly global project.

Aiming to become a “Virtual LEGO,” Leblock innovates the traditional gaming industry by integrating Metaverse’s blockchain technology. Leblock’s rewarding system continues to attract more users and currently has more than 100,000 active users. We believe that Leblock and Metaverse will benefit each other and the Metaverse ecosystem will be more robust. For more details take a look here: Leblock: The ‘Virtual Lego’ that is Set to Revolutionize Gaming as We Know It.

Metaverse is revolutionizing traditional finance and is committed to empowering people by giving them the ability to create a Digital Identity and Digital Asset with ease. For more info information on our most recent developments, take a look at SuperNova Solutions: Power to the People where the article details how we’re innovating with the introduction of Supernova.

We are excited to announce that lightwallet v0.4.1 has been successfully deployed. The newly added functions bring a more user-friendly experience to lightwallet users. You can experience the new functions at

Our developer Laurent Salou explained how Plugins are connected on Metaverse. Plugins are embedded in the lightwallet and currently can be added into the testnet. By incorporating some of Supernova’s functions, for example, the Avatar name list can be called in the plugin. You can connect simple applications to our testnet without adding untrusted plugins.

ETP price saw a steady increase for the past several weeks and we are glad to see that ETP mining rewards surpass Ethereum on What To Mine.

Eric was invited to participate at a Blockchain Salon held by RCLUB SHANGHAI in Beijing along with Draper Dragon innovative partner Wang Yue, NEO founder Da Hongfei and Zuo Hua, partner of Penta. Eric shared his views about ultimate secrets about value investment. For more details, please visit

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