Metaverse Weekly Report (7.23–7.29)

Welcome to the Metaverse Weekly Progress Report for the week of July 23! Read about our development and marketing progress in this weekly update brought to you by the Metaverse team.

uvYEFkE.jpg - Metaverse Weekly Report (7.23–7.29)

Technical Developments

1) Explorer:

2) Lightwallet:

  • Added an option to update the number of addresses in the wallet
  • You can now add and use Plugins on the testnet

  • Updated the deposit history

  • You can now add public messages to transactions

  • You can now choose the mining fee for transfers and deposits

3) Other development

  • Designed and developed asset cross-chain services
  • Completed the database design, completed tracking the data of Ethereum and ETP

  • Developed asset trading module

Marketing Updates

Metaverse provides convenient and secure digital financial services accessible to all Internet applications. This past week we saw a correlation between the value of ETP and the recent rise in ETP. This week Metaverse was featured in this article, Metaverse: One of the Most Underrated, High-Performing Blockchain Projects of 2018. The article details the reasons the Metaverse project is so undervalued in the market.

Metaverse aims to create a new reality with an open-source public blockchain that provides digital assets and digital identities to its users. Creating the Digital Identity (Avatar) is the first step to entering “The New Reality.” For more information, please visit How blockchain tech removes the hassle of multi-account sign-ins. The features we’ve implemented described in the article show our commitment to digital identity as well as security.

That is it for this week, please follow us to keep up with any announcements or events! See you next week.

The Metaverse Team

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