SuperNova, the Smart Blockchain Solution

TgVUKZT - SuperNova, the Smart Blockchain Solution

Since 2017, the blockchain industry has rapidly evolved and many projects gravitated away from the core principles of decentralization pioneered by Bitcoin and Ethereum. The drama surrounding the EOS mainnet launch in June 2018 constitutes an important lesson to learn from. One day after the launch of the platform,, the company developing the EOS blockchain, discovered a bug that caused its blockchain to freeze. After the issue was raised, the core developers of the platform found a solution over a controversial conference call. Although the problem was solved quickly, the solution raised concerns over the centralized nature of EOS. Even more telling, the 21 EOS block producers recently decided to freeze seven accounts suspected of holding stolen assets. These actions were taken even though they were against EOS’s own constitution, and they bypassed the original decision of the arbitrary body, EOS Core Arbitration Forum. Similar to EOS, NEO, another popular blockchain project, recently made the headlines because the seven nodes maintaining the NEO network are all maintained by the NEO Foundation. This implies the NEO Foundation can decide which project to invite on its chain and which project to reject, which is completely against the blockchain ideals of freedom, decentralization, and self-governance.

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ViewFin, the company developing Metaverse, has decided to follow the original ethos of core blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum while improving upon these foundational technologies to provide real life and business solutions. Metaverse currently includes decentralized features such as digital assets, digital identities, and oracles. These features are easy to implement and can be used in an efficient and cost effective way. Our universal service is completely aligned with the concept of decentralization as we do not set any rules on who can access the Metaverse blockchain. We welcome all people regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds to access our services and try out our new features.

Below we briefly list out current problems of Ethereum and other platforms and how Metaverse SuperNova solves these problems.

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