Metaverse Weekly Report (5.21-5.25)

oyRSML9 - Metaverse Weekly Report (5.21-5.25)

Welcome to the Metaverse Weekly Progress Report for the week of May 21st! Read about our development and marketing progress in this weekly update brought to you by the Metaverse team.

Top Development Attainments

This week, we started SuperNova online testing work

• SuperNova automated use case testing completed
• SuperNova unit testing arranged
• SuperNova stress testing arranged
• Transfercert supports multisignature
• Grayscale testing version launched, and its online testing has started
• HTML format for automated test reports is supported; api call time-consuming statistical results are released
• The automated testing framework supports hardfork scenarios and testing cases for scenario hardfork are added

1.) Full node front end
• Added multisignature transfer for assets
• Ability to create and transfer an avatar linked to a multisignature address

2. ) Testnet explorer
• Added the list of all the avatars
• Added the avatar details and its certificates

• The front-end testing of 0.8.0 wallet completed

Marketing progress
Metaverse participated Finwise Summit Tokyo from May 21st-22nd held in Tokyo. Eric, Metaverse CEO, shared his opinions during a panel discussion on “Digital Identity and Digital Assets Disruption in Web 3.0” Chen Hao, Metaverse CEO was also invited to join the panel on “Ground Application of Blockchain Technology”.

Eric, Metaverse CEO and CTO Chen Hao were both interviewed by Block Clip, a Japanese blockchain media. Hopefully, the news reports will come out in about one or two weeks. For the meantime, see our own review of the Finwise Summit listed below.

Metaverse Finwise Update:

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