Metaverse Weekly Progress Report 5.14-5.18

oyRSML9 - Metaverse Weekly Progress Report 5.14-5.18
Welcome to the Metaverse Weekly Progress Report for the week of May 14th! Read about our development and marketing progress in this weekly update brought to you by the Metaverse team.

Top Development Attainments

This week, we released SuperNova beta version and plan to start online testing next week.

In addition, we completed several functionality developments:

1) Metaverse Digital Identity
• Multi-signature supports to send assets
• DID supports multi-signature address binding and transfer
• Test case improvement on DID and multi-signature of assets
• Logic optimization of certificate implementation

2) Metaverse Digital Assets
• Verification of logic optimization of assets and certificate implementation into the block
• Added more assets and certificate test cases

3) Full node front-end:
• Added the didsendmore function
• Added the certificate transfer function
• Added the secondary issue function
• Displays the certificates owned by the DID

4) Other
• Added transaction of the local remarks, demand analysis, and program design
• Updated functioning of the automated testing framework
• Added full use case execution and output report, automatic mining and automatic creation, and cleanup of the residual account functions
• Automated testing is ongoing
• The check for missing automated test case is ongoing
• Grayscale environment release is under preparation
• We are optimizing the BaaS Page on the Metaverse Official Website:

Marketing progress

1) Conference and Meetup

• From May 14th to May 16th (UTC-7), Eric Gu, founder and CEO of Metaverse, participated in Consensus 2018 in New York along with Chen Hao, Metaverse CTO, and Matthieu Benard, Metaverse Digital Marketing manager. As an exhibitor and sponsor, Metaverse attracted many blockchain practitioners and potential partners to its booth. To get more details about Consensus 2018, please visit:

• Metaverse is going to attend the FINWISE Summit Tokyo, held from May 21st to May 22nd in Tokyo, Japan. Reports claim that officials of the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) will also be invited to the summit in order to debate and share their opinions on Japanese support and development plans regarding the blockchain industry, and the legal compliance of Japanese exchanges. Read details via:

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