Metaverse Weekly Progress Report 5.7-5.11

oyRSML9 - Metaverse Weekly Progress Report 5.7-5.11
Welcome to the Metaverse Weekly Progress Report for the week of May 7th! Read about our development and marketing progress in this weekly update brought to you by the Metaverse team.

Top Development Attainments

This week, we released Super Nova closed beta version, and testing and bug fixes are ongoing. We also updated the document for Nova version.

In addition, we completed several functionality developments:

1) Metaverse Digital Identity
• Logic optimization of DID into the trading pool
• Logic optimization of DID into the block
• Research about DID supports of multi-signature function

2) Metaverse Digital Assets
• Operation related to asset and certificate support of the use of
digital identity

3)Front-end for Full-node wallet:
• Assets burning is available
• Added secondary issue option during asset creation
• Newly created assets are linked to a DID
• Updated the address linked to a DID

4) Other
• Added a tool to achieve account form restoration and a weight reduction of old account form.
• Development of account protection strategy function:
When one account continually inputs a wrong password 10 times, or continually inputs a wrong last mnemonic word 8 times, the account will be locked for 30 mins. Even if the correct password or mnemonic is input during the locked period, login won’t be allowed.

Marketing Progress

1) Partnerships
We’re excited that two partnerships have been announced this week!

• Metaverse formed a strategic partnership with ParcelX. Under the terms of this partnership, both parties will work closely together to establish the world’s first global, cross-border parcel delivery network using blockchain technology.

To see more details, please visit:

• Metaverse will partner with Zhejiang University to co-establish the Blockchain Technology Laboratory.

Read details via:

2) Conference & Meetup
• On May 6th (UTC-7), Eric Gu, Metaverse founder and CEO, visited San Francisco along with the Metaverse core team. They attended the Global Blockchain Technology Expo in Silicon Valley, which was organized by BlockTrain and Draper Dragon. Eric accepted a media interview and talked about Metaverse there.

• On May 7th (UTC-7), Eric and the Metaverse core team held a meetup in the Bay Area, which was hosted by Metaverse Ambassador Manlin Dai. Eric shared the history of the Metaverse project with the audience, and talked about MIP (Metaverse Improvement Proposal).

• The Metaverse team will be at Consensus2018 in New York from May 14th to May 16th. We’re at booth #101—come and say hi!

To see more details about Consensus2018, please visit:


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