Metaverse Full Node Wallet MVSD 0.7.2 release notes

The Metaverse full node wallet 0.7.2 version is available on linux and windows, please go to our official website to download. The change from V0.7.1 to V0.7.2 is likely to have the greatest impact on miners. Metaverse fixed some areas in the code to address the high orphan rate faced by some mining pools recently. More details on the changes and new features:


  1. Added an offline transaction signing function. This function is unavailable through the MVSD GUI; It is only available for createrawtx/ signrawtx/ decoderawtx/ sendrawtx RPC calls.
  2. Accounts are no longer created when users input incorrect mnemonic words.
  3. Network performance optimization.
  4. Users are no longer given a time estimate when using the freezing function. Instead, the period required to unlock one’s deposit is displayed in blocks.
  5. Optimized performance of the getnewaddress RPC call. Irrelevant to the MVSD GUI.
  6. Added “locked_height_range” fields during transaction output of RPC calls to distinguish freezing transactions.
  7. Fixed peer connection problem in the configuration file.
  8. Display transaction message on homepage.


  1. Users must now type in their backup words (mnemonic passphrase) upon registration to confirm that they have made a backup.

  2. Fixed WebSocket in the “advanced” function on the Internet Explorer browser.

  3. Optimized the UI.

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