Metaverse Light Wallet — 0.1.1 Beta decay is live

tX9t3aE - Metaverse Light Wallet --- 0.1.1 Beta decay is live

The Metaverse Light Wallet 0.01 alpha centauri version has been live for two weeks and has garnered positive responses since its launch. During this period of time, the team noted the importance of the deposit function, which was strongly called for by users. Therefore, we have added this feature into the beta decay version of the light wallet.

From now on, you can access this feature on the light wallet. To try it out, please visit the light wallet at:

Please note that you may have to wait for several seconds for a deposit transaction to be recorded in a block after you have completed a deposit operation.

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  1. Jonas Linden



    Goodjob Metaverse, just tested it out and seems to work at the moment. will keep you updated

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