November Roundup

November has passed in a flash, and Christmas is now almost upon us. It has been a bumpy ride for the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain community, due in no small part to the uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin and 2X. Regardless, the Metaverse team has continued to invest a good amount of time overseas this month interacting with other firms in the fintech and blockchain space and has gained invaluable insights along the way. We are extremely encouraged by the raw vitality of the industry, and it spurs us to forge ahead.

This month, research and development efforts for the Metaverse blockchain have been focused on digital identity implementation. A number of complex hurdles have to be considered, including the question of interoperability, zero-knowledge proofs and user-friendliness. We are making progress on these fronts and should be able to release more details soon.

Metaverse has also been active in the community at some of Shanghai’s most well-recognized universities, participating in their annual job fairs as well as events organized by Fudan University’s Blockchain Association. Again, it’s heartening to see so many students challenging themselves and engaging with new technologies. Lastly, the team is aware of community feedback and is continuously working to liaise with exchanges. The negotiation process may be long and winding, but we are confident that we will have good news to share. Thank you all for your support – in the words of John Heywood, nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Till next month,
The Metaverse Team

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