Metaverse Progress Report – August,2017

Progress in Web Wallet

We mainly focused on optimizing our wallet system and the development of new features in August.

System performance optimization

  • Repaired some nonfunctional features (caused by failure to initialize database)
  • Optimized the log system and reduced log size to facilitate user feedback
  • Optimized the execution efficiency of transaction-related queries targeting accounts with large trading volumes (increased about 40 times)
  • High-level account backups (exported to encrypted file)
  • Optimized mongoose services and improved the web wallet’s speed
  • Built a development environment for Visual Studio 2015

111554w9hd3zyqpc6peyv6 - Metaverse Progress Report - August,2017

New features

  • The wallet will run on the back end of the operating system. Users can open or exit the wallet on their taskbar after the application has launched (currently only supported on Windows and OS X.)
  • Multi-signature transactions
  • Subscription to transaction addresses
  • Asset issuance
  • The “send” command for ETP transactions now supports transaction descriptions
  • Production of installation package for Mac system

111748wljblir9riil7lrb - Metaverse Progress Report - August,2017

Note: some of these features are still in the beta testing phase. Follow-up versions are coming soon.

Web wallet version 0.7.0 has entered beta testing and is coming soon.

Mobile Wallet development progress


The Android version of TokenMaster is now available, please visit our official website to download the wallet

112014jvdg340uv46en666 - Metaverse Progress Report - August,2017

TokenMaster is user-friendly, supports multiple chains and currencies, and is compatible with all platforms!

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