Metaverse PC Q&A

Note: This documentaiton is applicable to Metaverse PC V0.64-V0.610

Collection and transfer of assets

1. Is there a fee for using Metaverse wallet to raise money?

No charge,each one will be charged 0.0001 ETP Miners fee according to transaction times. For same account, mutual transfers between different addresses will also charge miners fee.

2. If you want to transfer ZGC or ETP How much do you charge for other assets?

Charge 0.0001 ETP Miners fee.

3. When transfer it shows “unable to send”.

Using Metaverse wallet to transfer coins. Each time you have to charge 0.0001etp miners, please check your wallet whether you have Enough ETP to pay for the miners or not.

4. Shows “unable to transfer! not enough balance.

Using Metaverse wallet to transfer coins. Each time you need to charge 0.0001 ETP for the miner's fee, please write the amount of the converted currency.
Make sure you have at least 0.0001 ETP remaining in your wallet.

5. The assets in the account are shown as 0, Money is not received in the wallet, after resynchronization the assets in the wallet become less.

Because the synchronization has not been completed, so the asset is not displayed, please be patient to finish synchronization.

Installation and synchronization

1. Why there is no version for windows32 ?

The system is currently having compatibility issues and is still being debugged, so there is no formal release yet.

2. What to do when the program opens and flashes back?

First, make sure you have your wallet private key saved (Mnemonic , a total of 24 English words) If you have lost your wallet, please key, please contact customer service first.




How to make it: please copy and link in the gray box on your computer system and paste it to the address of your computer column, as shown in the following picture:

112832vzgb7m1czv71s2v3 - Metaverse PC Q&AAfter carriage return, displays the following interface.
112852p12h1gkz1p3ah5ar - Metaverse PC Q&APlease delete the first file mainnet, then open the synchronization program and restart the synchronization.

3. mvsd.exe The program turned on and the computer crashed.

This is because synchronous programs require large amounts of disk when initialized, and your computer opens too many programs, accounting for disk.
The rate of use is too high, causing the computer to crash. Please shut all other computer programs except mvsd.exe and then open the synchronization program.

4. Sign in shows “Invalid login voucher”

Maybe because of these reasons:

  1. Using a browser cache account and password.
  2. Account or password error.
  3. Account or password already invalid (This happens when you change your computer or reinstall your program).

Solution: first try to clear the browser data, manually enter the account and password, if not successful, restart the synchronization program and Wallet page. If you still cannot login, re enter the account number (new account username, preferably with the original account No.same) and import the private key of the original account.

5. Cannot import private key.

It may be that the username of the new account is the same as the user name for the original account you want to import. Please change the user name.

6. Security software indicates that cockhorse or virus / synchronization program is automatically deleted by security software.

Indicates that the virus belongs to security software. Please select the trusted synchronization program. If the synchronization program is considered as a disease by the security software
Poison accidentally deleted, please set the trust in the security software in the synchronization process.

360 operation method: open 360 security guards, click on the lower left corner of the protection center, and then pop up an interface. There is trust and obstruction in the upper corner. When you get in, delete the sync file and click trust and restore.

7. After importing the private key of the original account, the address of the original account is lost Maybe because of these reasons :

New account address is insufficient: Click “Create new address”.

Create a new address or apply again.

The account imports the private key and fills in a larger address amount (such as 100)
Account import private key.

The private key is incorrect.

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