Metaverse Progress Report — July,2017

Web Wallet Development Progress

New version is available

Version 0.6.10 of the Metaverse Wallet was released on July 20. The new version has optimized performance and newly added features.

o Optimized query performance
o Optimized network traffic
o Repaired failure to send transactions
o Repaired compatibility issues for various Linux distributions
o Added a multi-signature function

For more information regarding the Release Notes, please visit

White Paper update

A segment on Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) has been added to the White Paper. White paper download: http:

Product interface design

Web version interface preview
xvsBkVM - Metaverse Progress Report — July,2017pwmSuaj - Metaverse Progress Report — July,2017

Mobile wallet development progress

Metaverse will launch a mobile wallet which supports a variety of mainstream currencies including ETP. In July, we completed most of the mobile wallet research and development. Please anticipate its launch.

Interface preview:

Ue6nOTg - Metaverse Progress Report — July,2017jBCSBow - Metaverse Progress Report — July,2017pwmSuaj - Metaverse Progress Report — July,2017

Block Explorer Optimization

A hash rate and difficulty display has been newly added to the block explorer, as well as transaction confirmation number and unit precision adjustment. The block explorer address is!/.

Progress in marketing and operations

Arch Summit

In July, Metaverse CTO Chen Hao led a team of Metaverse’s core developers to attend the Arch Summit Global Architect Summit held in Shenzhen. During the event, the CTO delivered a speech titled “Public blockchains and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)” and shared about Metaverse Blockchain’s technology practices as well as the new architecture of blockchains in the future.

fuD5DVX - Metaverse Progress Report — July,2017G0Rj00L - Metaverse Progress Report — July,2017

Please download the speech PPT on

Developer Q&A

Metaverse CTO Chen Hao conducted a special Q&A session targeting the Metaverse community and WeChat users on July 13 and received many deep questions and constructive suggestions. Please visit to view the Q&A content.

Overseas social media platforms set up

Overseas social media platforms including Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Vimeo and Slack have been set up to facilitate closer interaction with overseas developers and activate development potential worldwide.
Metaverse has launched the English version of its forum, and the address is:
https: //

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