Wallet synchronization guide

1. how to determine whether the Wallet is being synchronized.

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If the above interface is continually shown, and the number within the red box is increasing, the Wallet is being synchronized.

If you Wallet failed to synchronize, please check whether the Wallet is the latest version or whether your network speed is too slow. If so, we recommend closing and restarting the synchronization program. You may download the latest version of the Wallet here:

2.How to determine whether the synchronization is completed?

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In general, when the numbers on the screen are no longer updated and “connected to outbound channel” is continuously displayed, the synchronization has been completed.

Alternatively, click to view the current number of blocks. If it matches the number of blocks shown in the synchronization program, the synchronization has been completed.

The time required for the entire synchronization lengthens with the number of blocks on the public chain. It typically takes two or three hours to complete, and also depends on your network speed. Once completed, you need only synchronize the latest data when opening the Wallet next time.

3. How to proceed after the completion of synchronization?

Please do not close the synchronization program after the synchronization is completed. Open the link included in the set-up package to enter the Wallet page and register an account. (You cannot visit the site if you close the synchronization program)

Note: Please be sure to open the Wallet from this site, it is recommended to bookmark this site.
Note: You are required to open the synchronization program each time you use the Wallet. Please keep the synchronization program open during the whole transaction process.

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