The latest version of Metaverse Wallet v.0.6.9 is launched

Version 0.6.9 contains the following updates:

  1. Added the functionality of adding a specified number of decimal places (minimum transaction unit) to asset issuance.
  2. Remarks can now be attached to transactions.
  3. Optimized performance and network synchronization.
  4. Repaired hash collision problems in database transactions.
  5. Repaired asset transfer display problems.
  6. Some other non-functional changes.

Regarding increasing the number of decimal places for asset issuance:

1) The default number of decimal places for assets already issued is zero, i.e. all of them are integers.
2) ETP transfer is not affected.
3) If you wish to use ‘Asset Transfer’ to send and receive assets with decimal places, please use v0.6.9.
4) After updating, if the explorer does not reflect the update, please use ‘command + shift + R’ to update the cache (OS X users) or ‘ctrl + F5’ (Windows users).

This release is a software upgrade, focusing on fixing Wallet bugs and enhancing functions. The local database index rebuild will automatically update the database (the blocks needs to re-sync). Please wait patiently.

To download the latest version, please visit our official website at

Core development and operations team of Metaverse Foundation.

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